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25/11/2017 - Submitted by: Mr M. Godden IV Dan
ITF Open British Taekwondo Championships 2017
On the 25/11/17 Eleven Tkd Power students competed at the British championships at the K2 Crawley England. Between us we...  Read On
11/06/2017 - Submitted by:
Female Students raise over £500 for Cancer Research
TKD Power™ Female Students raise over £500 for Cancer Research by doing the 5k race for life on Sunday 11th June. Studen...  Read On
12/12/2016 - Submitted by: Mr. M. Godden III
Black Belt Grading Promotions 10/12/2016
A Black Belt Grading overseen by Chief Examiner Mr Antony Panteli 6th dan was held last Saturday evening at the Dover Sc...  Read On
16/07/2015 - Submitted by: Mr. M. Godden III Dan
2015 Unified Taekwondo World Championships
A team of 10 Taekwon-do TKDPower™ students entered into the 2015 Unified Taekwondo World Championships in Hertfordshire...  Read On
21/01/2015 - Submitted by:
New Classes in Ashford, Kent
We are pleased to announce that Mr Tree 3rd Dan is starting up 2 sessions a week in Ashford located at the Goats Lees Co...  Read On
15/07/2014 - Submitted by: Mr. M. Godden III Dan
London Taekwondo Open Championships Results!!
On 13th July a team of Tkdpower Students competed at the London Open at The Spectrum Sports Complex, Guilford.
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02/03/2014 - Submitted by: Mr.M. Godden III Dan
South East Opens - Results
On Sunday 02/03/2014 a small team of 9 Tkdpower Students travelled to Hertfordshire sports village to compete at the Lt...  Read On
13/10/2013 - Submitted by: Mr. M. Godden III
LTSI Tournament Round Up
A small group of ten Tkdpower students competed at the Ltsi English Taekwondo Open Championships in St Albans Hertfords...  Read On
09/06/2013 - Submitted by:
Master Willy Van de Mortel and Mr. Tomaz Barada - Seminar
TKD Power™ members participted in the Sparring Seminar presented today by Mr Barada and Master Van de Mortel.

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03/06/2013 - Submitted by:
Colour Belt Grading
A colour belt grading examination for the members of Dover TKD Power™ was held on Saturday 1st June 2013.

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