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London Open 2014

London Open 2014 - Amy Kehoe
15/07/2014  Submitted by: Mr. M. Godden III Dan
London Taekwondo Open Championships Results!!
On 13th July a team of Tkdpower Students competed at the London Open at The Spectrum Sports Complex, Guilford.

Arriving at 9:30am and for some not finishing until 7:30pm with over 350 competitors in total! Mr Godden was the Tkdpower official and Mr Tree team coach and captain for the day. There were so many excellent results and outstanding performances from all Tkdpower students ... still setting the high standards that are expected!

The Results are as follows:

Amy Kehoe (Black)-14/15yrs Gold Sparring,Bronze Patterns
Jack Challinor (Green)-16/17yrs Gold Sparring
Judy Berisha (Veteran Colour Belt)-Gold Sparring
Kirsty Embleton (Yellow/Green heavy)-Gold Sparring, Gold Breaking and Bronze patterns
Sarah Godden(Black)-16/17yrs Silver Sparring, Silver Patterns
Jordan Berry (Green) – Gold Sparring, Gold patterns
McKenzie Everitt-Wagon (Green, jnr) – Gold Sparring
Kamil Rycerz (Blue, jnr)– Silver Sparring
Matt Miles (Red) – Silver Patterns
Gavin White (Black) – Silver Patterns
Raphael Sklinitzis (Blue, jnr) - Bronze Sparring
Emma Kerrison (Green) – Silver Sparring
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