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ITF Open British Taekwon-do Championships 2017 - TKD Power Team

ITF Open British Taekwon-do Championships 2017
25/11/2017  Submitted by: Mr M. Godden IV Dan
ITF Open British Taekwondo Championships 2017
On the 25/11/17 Eleven Tkd Power students competed at the British championships at the K2 Crawley England. Between us we achieved a total of 17 medals including 5 Golds (British Champions) 6 Silver and 6 Bronze. There was 472 competitors and 47 different Tkd schools entered including not just British teams but teams from Holland,Norway, Ireland, Portugal, India and many more. It was a long day we weighed in at 7:30am and didn't leave until 8:30 pm but well worth it and a good day was had by all.

For the first time in History, 3 Nations from separate organisations have come together to promote the first truly Open British Championships. The reason these Championships are different than any other here in the UK is because no one single Association running this event, it’s open to all ITF Associations and there is a direct influence from some of the best Tournament organisers there are in Europe.

Master Alexander Dunbar – 8th Degree
Master Philip Lear – 7th Degree
Mr. John McIlvaney – 6th Degree
Mr Neil Ernest – 5th Degree

Tkd Power Results:
1. Logan Lee, Silver youth sparring.
2. Ryan Baillie, Gold Junior Sparring, Silver Special Technique (flying side kick) and Bronze yellow belt Patterns.
3. Jakub Ovecka, Gold adult yellow belt patterns, Bronze Power test (breaking) and Bronze Sparring.
4. Kirsty Buzz Embleton, Silver Adult Female Colour Belt sparring, Bronze green belt patterns.
5. Judy Berisha, Senior Adult Female Colour belt sparring .
6. Lois Crozier Bronze Adult Female Colour belt sparring and Blue Belt patterns.
7. Joshua Taylor, Gold Adult Blue Belt patterns and Silver Male Colour belt Sparring.
8. Sarah Godden, Gold Adult lightweight Female Black Belt Sparring.
9. Stuart Tree , Silver Advanced Senior Male Black Belt Middle weight Sparring.
10. Matthew Godden, Gold Advanced Senior Male Lightweight Black Belt Sparring.
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