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Dover TKD Black Belt Grading

Dover TKD Black Belt Grading
12/12/2016  Submitted by: Mr. M. Godden III
Black Belt Grading Promotions 10/12/2016
A Black Belt Grading overseen by Chief Examiner Mr Antony Panteli 6th dan was held last Saturday evening at the Dover Scout Hut, home of Dover TKD Power. The examining panel included Ms. Sue Chapman and Mr. Gary Bettsworth (both 4th Dan) and Mr. Stuart Tree and Mr. Matthew Godden (both 3rd Dan).

Results and Congratulations to:

Sarah Godden, Folkestone instructor and Double World Champion, was promoted to 3rd Dan Black Belt with a distinction pass, 6 years to the day from achieving her 1st Dan in 2010.

Jordan Meachin-Bourne was promoted with a Merit pass to 1st Dan after 4.5yrs training. A great achievement by a dedicated student who has had to overcome some serious injuries and setbacks. Jordan`s never give up attitude and indomitable Spirit has become TKD Dover`s first Black Belt.

Sam Wakeling, Canterbury Instructor, was promoted to 2nd Dan Black Belt after a lot of determination and hard work.

Chris Caporali was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt after 6yrs of hard training.

All were tested to the extreme with patterns, Breaking ,self defence, step sparring and free sparring. Overall it was a very impressive performance by all.

After the grading the newly promoted Black Belts and Examiners had a traditional meal and drink to celebrate these great achievements and a good time was had by all.
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