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Gary Bettsworth
TKD Power Academy Instructor.
My current grade is V Dan (Black Belt 5th Degree)

Last Updated ...
03/05/2012 08:57:32

My recent news articles ...
2016-12-12 - Black Belt Grading Promotions 10/12/2016
2012-09-17 - First Aid Training
2012-08-11 - Summer Camp Concludes with Black Belt Promotions
2012-07-29 - Black Belts Turn Out for Senior Training
2012-05-10 - Presentation to New 4th Dans
2012-05-04 - Senior Examination Results
2012-05-02 - Members Test for Senior Promotions
2012-04-13 - Examination and Masterclass by Master Donato Nardizzi, ITF England President
2012-01-03 - Happy New Year …

Recent events I have participated in ...
2017-07-14  Grand Master Donato Nardizzi Seminar  (Saltwood Village Hall, Hythe KENT)
2012-12-02  TKD Power™ Open Day and Demonstration  (Cliffsend, Thanet)
2012-09-16  First Aid Training  (Dover TKD Power Centre)
2012-05-02  Seminar With Master Donato Nardizzi VIII Dan  (The Margate Media Centre)

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