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Jordan Meachin-Bourne
Dover TKD Student.
My current grade is I Dan (Black Belt 1st Degree)

Why I started training ...
Mainly to meet new people and to have a high level of fitness

Where and with whom I started ...
I started traning at the Dover, with Mr Matt Godden

My favourite moment so far in my training has been ...
My first grading coming up this Friday 9th Nov 12

My very next goal in Taekwon-Do is ...
To grade again as soon as possable and hopefully to do well at the Competitions.

My future ambitions in Taekwon-Do are ...
To gain as much knowledge as possible, to work hard at training and progress through the belts, at the same time to help out with new faces that would like to take part in the TKD power family.

A little about me ...
I enjoy all sports especially Taekwondo, I am currently at Dover grammar school where I am in most of the sports teams, I enjoy socialising with family and friend at the weekends.

Last Updated ...
11/10/2013 12:03:19

Recent events I have participated in ...
2016-12-10  Black Belt Grading  (Dover Scout Hut Taekwondo Academy.)
2016-03-13  South East LTSI Open 2016  (Hertfordshire sports village)
2015-07-10  Unified ITF Taekwondo World Championships 2015  (The Sports Village, Hertfordshire)
2015-03-08  South East Taekwondo Open  (Hertfordshire Sports Village)
2014-03-02  South Eastern Taekwondo Open Championships  (The Sports Village, Hertfordshire)
2013-10-06  Ltsi English open champioships 2013  (The Sports Village, St Albans Hertfordshire)

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