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Nicola Elsworth
TKD Power Academy Instructor.
My current grade is II Dan (Black Belt 2nd Degree)

Why I started training ...
I knew some TKD Power members prior to training myself and they encouraged me to come along to one of the classes. I joined in on the first class I went to and was immediately put at ease by the club`s Chief Instructor, Mr Panteli and the class full of friendly students which I am proud to be a part of.

Where and with whom I started ...
My first class was at Chatham House in December 2007 with Mr Panteli. When I started, Joe Mitchell had also only just started training with Mr Panteli and we have stayed at the same or similar grades throughout our time at the club.

My favourite moment so far in my training has been ...
Getting my first distinction at my red belt grading in December 2010.

My very next goal in Taekwon-Do is ...
To compete and achieve at least one gold medal before my next grading.

My future ambitions in Taekwon-Do are ...
As a junior grade I took part in competitions and always achieved good results. I would especially like to gain a gold medal for patterns as a Black Belt. As with everyone who is a Black Belt - I hope to improve my teaching methods and knowledge for the benefit of the club.

A little about me ...
I am currently in my final year of studies at The Open University studying towards a degree in Business Management. I have worked in insolvency for two and a half years and hope to work abroad within the next five years!

Last Updated ...
25/10/2013 12:18:11

My recent news articles ...
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Recent events I have participated in ...
2017-07-14  Grand Master Donato Nardizzi Seminar  (Saltwood Village Hall, Hythe KENT)
2013-06-09  Master Mortel and Tomasz Barada Sparring Seminar  (University of Brighton Sports Centre)
2012-12-02  TKD Power™ Open Day and Demonstration  (Cliffsend, Thanet)
2012-10-15  ITF World Cup  (Brighton)
2012-09-16  First Aid Training  (Dover TKD Power Centre)
2012-06-10  1st ITF Kids Instructor Course  (Croydon)
2012-06-08  2012 Impact Open Championships  (Brighton University Sports Centre)
2012-05-02  Seminar With Master Donato Nardizzi VIII Dan  (The Margate Media Centre)

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