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Mr. Antony Panteli 6th Dan

World Championship Winning Team Coach, Korea 2004

Seminar with Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, Italy 2005

Demonstrating a flying side kick for the Thanet Gazette in 1996 (with Ian Garbett)

Awarded the Special Umpires Award by Master Galarraga in Buenos Aries, October 2005

1997 European Champion - with Nick Gardner and Niki Florides who both went on to be World Champions.

Antony Panteli
TKD Power Academy Chief Instructor.
My current grade is VI Dan (Black Belt 6th Degree)

Why I started training ...
I started training because my younger brother Nicholas had been training for a year already, and as well a having a genuine interest in learning a martial art, this was an opportunity for me to participate in an activity with him. Nick, being some nine years younger, meant that opportunities for us to interact together were naturally limited, and Taekwon-Do helped to bridge that gap and establish a firm relationship between us. By the way, Nick currently has a 5th Dan in TKD as well!

My favourite moment so far in my training has been ...
There have been so many proud moments. Taekwon-Do has given me the opportunity to travel across the world and make so many friends. I won many national championships as a competitor culminating with winning the European Heavy Weight title in 1997. In 2004 I became the first English coach to lead a national team to a World Championship Sparring Gold Medal, in Korea, and and one of my own students went on to win an individual World Championship Gold. My real pleasure has always been when any one of my students achieve black belt, and those who have gone on to become Instructors in their own right have made me incredibly proud.

My very next goal in Taekwon-Do is ...
My next goal is to achieve 7th Dan or Master grade. I often reflect back to the many people I trained with in the past and realise how very few made it to black belt, let alone 6th Dan which I currently hold. To achieve 7th Dan would be another one of my life goals reached, and there are almost no others that would mean so much.

My future ambitions in Taekwon-Do are ...
Taekwon-do, like all systems, has its inherent politics locally, nationally and internationally. I am proud that we have established a group which is honestly devoid of any negative distractions. I am now teaching at a level I am happy with on a week to week basis, and more than happy to take a back seat and watch the other senior instructors in our group take some of the reigns and shape our collective future. I have complete faith that we are teaching the genuine art of Taekwon-Do as intended by our founder - General Choi Hong Hi, and my role for the future will be to provide those now leading the way with the benefit of my knowledge and experience, for as long as it remains relevant.

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21/11/2019 11:31:51

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Recent events I have participated in ...
2017-07-14  Grand Master Donato Nardizzi Seminar  (Saltwood Village Hall, Hythe KENT)
2013-06-29  2013 Impact Colourbelt Championships  (University of Brighton Sports Centre)
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2012-06-08  2012 Impact Open Championships  (Brighton University Sports Centre)

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